Monday, August 22, 2011

Well I did it, I decided to start a blog. I love looking at blogs so I decided to give it a shot!
We will start at the beginning and I will tell you our story. JJ and I have been married for six and a half years. The first four and a half years of our lives together we spent in the Marine Corps only seeing each other maybe for a year out of all those years. JJ was constantly deployed whether it was for training or an actual deployment. JJ was deployed to Japan for the birth of our son Jace. That day was an absolute GREAT day meeting my little guy but so sad that JJ could not see him for 3 weeks. JJ definitely made up for lost time when he got back though. We were stationed in South Carolina for three years and I loved it there. I will tell you it takes serious adjustments to get to liking the south and all that comes with it but it grew on me fast. When JJ deployed to Iraq in 2008, Jace and I moved home, bought our first home, and started a new life in Utah just waiting for 10 months to hurry and come so we could have our  daddy back. December 12, 2008 marked the last day of JJ being in active duty military. Yahoo!

 JJ and Jace while JJ was in the military!

Best day! JJ is home safe from Iraq!

So now we as a family are on a new chapter of life. JJ is going to the University of Utah for computer animation and will have his bachelors in film studies, entertainment art, and engineering studies in the spring of 2012. He has worked so hard at this degree. He started college in 2009 and will have his bachelors in 2012, Impressive I know. He has stayed on the deans list all while working as an Allstate insurance agent to help support our family. His dream career would be to work for Pixar but there are so so many options for his degree. WE are so excited to almost be done and see where life takes us! With JJ being home  brought our new member to the Lyon family Nash Michael. JJ got to be here for his birth and it was AWESOME!
The day Jace got a little brother!

We're crazy but we love each other!

Jace is starting preschool in just a couple weeks and is so happy about it which in turn makes me so happy because I was almost positive every time would start and end in a screaming fit. Nash is starting to talk more and more each day and is our crazy man on the loose. He loves to get a running start and tackle his big brother and succeeds about half the time he he. It is so fun to see how two brothers that look so much alike could have such different personalities. 


  1. I added you to my blog list :) It will be fun to hear more about your life!

  2. Your blog is so cute, so glad you started one!

  3. I'm so glad you started a blog! It is so cute! You have a cute family!!